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68% of Users Feel Overwhelmed by Dating Apps

With countless profiles featuring extensive bios, numerous photos, and the myriad details that matter to you — alongside those you'd rather avoid — the energy required to stay fully attentive while swiping can be surprisingly draining.


Swiping Burnout


Missing Ideal Matches


Dating Apps Frustration

Shift your focus from endless swiping to engaging in meaningful conversations.

Valentine AI tailors match suggestions by learning your preferences, optimizing your swiping. By analyzing profiles and bios, it directs you towards compatible connections, saving time and enhancing your chances for meaningful interactions.


We've designed our plans with your dating success and budget in mind.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Valentine AI analyzes Tinder profiles using AI to find matches based on your preferences, saving you time by focusing on potential connections that align with your interests.
  • Yes, you can update your preferences at any time to refine your matches and improve your swiping experience.

  • Once you've used all your swipes, you can easily purchase more, or switch to the Monthly Plan for unlimited swiping within your monthly limit.

Let us swipe for you

Don't waste time swiping. Let us do the work for you and find your perfect match.